He stole my heart at sunset               

 As I write this post… 2 years later I can’t help but feel nostalgic and think about how far Mr. Handsome and I have come. 

2 years later as I write this post about our trip to Treasure Island… I am here at Treasure Island. Oh how times have changed!

Nothing quite says relaxation more than a Florida sunset.

So after our road trip to South Carolina we took advantage of Mr.Handsome’s time share at Treasure Island Beach to soak up some sunsets and salty air. 

It’s mid August and we can still wear bikinis and drink ice cold beer without the slightest breeze of anything less than tropical humidity. It’s amazing. We like to and will take full advantage of this southern blessing. 

So we walked the sandy shores and picked up seashells, poured our troubles on the rocks and soaked in the sweet salty sun rays.

One thing I have forgot to mention along the way… up to this point from the time we met, Mr.Handsome had been wooing and swooning me off my feet. The man was trying hard and succeeding. 

Remember when I said in the beginning my world had been turned on it’s axis and my new life began? Well I was still scared. Being hurt again makes you scared. I didn’t want to be hurt again. It’s not fun. 

Mr.Handsome knew this is, and was putting in the overtime hours to prove he wouldn’t. 

The trip to South Carolina, the long drive home, and the first sunset walk along the beach when we got back- coupled with the fact we had happened to both write each other a handwritten note that just so happened to have the same exact lyrics in the note so I sorta-kinda had-no-choice, the dates aligned, and the stars were written-sealed the deal for me. 

If any of you are George Strait fans…

Do you love me, do you want to be my friend? Cuz if you do well then don’t be afraid to take me by the hand if you want to. I think this is how love goes- check yes or no. 

Well we both checked yes… and that pivotal moment happened. A new chapter began.

The next morning we visited an adorable little establishment called the “Frog Pond”. There’s no parking, small tables- great service and great options! As you can barely see my crepes we’re being drowned in fruit- it was delicious! CJ of course got biscuits and gravy and I had coffee and crepes. We were ready for the beach!

We hung out down by the waves and sand until our tummies begged for more than ice and sweet tea vodka – Spacey’s southern sweet tea is a vacation staple! 

Treasure island is one of the Florida beaches that does allow alcohol consumption- it is also mainly private vacation owners and not much hotels and day trippers so the quite relaxed atmosphere vibes a much more mellow crowd. 

So we headed back to the condo to make our pizza! That is until we realized the unit had no oven! CJ had been coming to this place since he was 5 years old- and didn’t realize there was no oven. Yes that’s a dishwasher, not an oven sir. Well we just had to get our creative hats on and come up with an alternative option- so we headed to the grill by the pool! 

Just as we finished grilling our pizza the afternoon rain came and we sat under the covering and ate lunch- perfect timing!

Of course this is Florida though and rain lasts about 20 minutes –if that- and soon it was sunny and balmy once again.

My sweet tea concoction was close at hand while we decided to lounge by the pool the rest of the afternoon- we could feel a nap headed our way. 

It was a perfect amount of a mini vacation to bring us back into relaxation mode – because you always need a vacation after your vacation! 

I can tell this place will be a memory builder for years to come! The sort of birth place of our official relationship. 


As I sit on a beach chair overlooking the ocean, sipping my coffee and writing this- I feel naive thinking back at how easy we felt life and love would be- simply because we thought it would be so.

Life is messy, hard, confusing, and a constant under construction road way of hurdles and bad decisions. 

The beautiful thing about life is just when you feel you can no longer take it any more or you’ll never get it right- or you’re in the longest day of your life- it’s over. It’s done. And then it’s not so bad any more. It’s actually really nice, it’s pleasant and happy and all wonderful again.

As the waves come crashing ashore every few minutes- the sounds are peaceful but the actions are destructive. They wash away the sand castles and love notes written in the sand- but they soon retreat and the notes are written again and the castles are rebuilt. The cycle continues. That is us everyday. 

Life is beautiful but can be destructive-there is no possible way to endure a stagnant environment of perfection. Happiness and sadness must ebb and flow, love and anger must rise and fall, sun and rain must take turns for the earth to thrive and grow. Such as is our lives. So next time you’re sad or angry- remember it’s a necessity to be able to fully flourish and enjoy the positivity and happiness- just as a the earth needs the sun and the rain to survive. 

Salty and sweet tea kisses,


Blogging on the beach while coffee sipping and bird watching


Spacey travels to South Carolina 


  •  Air in the tires 
  • Cute pup in the trunk
  • Handsome man to drive you through 3 states 

Ready for our first road trip! 

Fast forward 9 hours- we made it safely to Waltersboro, South Carolina!

So long story short- my grandmother aka Abuela had 12 children. Who had a bunch of kids, who had a bunch of kids, who had a bunch of kids! The outcome- lots of cousins! 70+ cousins! So one of those awesome cousins is getting married- so here we are in the teeny tiny town of Waltersboro! 


The next day we woke up with the South Carolina sun and Roxi and I went exploring! 

Get my good side mom!


Morning selfies!


Hot coffee and deep thoughts


Mr.Handsome isn’t exactly what you would call a morning person. So a LOT of coffee and heavy pursuasian are usually my tacktics. 


With caffeine fueling our day we got dressed for the wedding and headed out!

So I know I mentioned this in earlier posts but I’m a beautifully crafted concoction of crazy and sass- otherwise known as Puerto Rican and Cuban. This basically equals to nothing starts on time and we never arrive on time. 

A wedding is kind of one of those things that you have to arrive on time for so ..with our powers combined (Captain Planet anyone?!) we headed out early… yes I said it. Early. 

Just because we have a plan… well it doesn’t always mean it goes accordingly. My cousin sends a Facebook message to let us know they are pushing the time for the wedding back… and I was so excited to be somewhere on time! Dang it!

So what other options do we have but to… find somewhere to drink! 

Luckily I had seen a sign for a winery earlier while driving, so we took our chances to kill some time. 

We walk into this quaint little southern charm of a cottage… to no one. Finally after awkwardly walking around calling out to the ghost of Waltersboro Winery…someone showed up to give us a tour and tasting! 


All of the wines and jams are made on site at the Light House winery & Vineyard.

We tried several wines,purchasing some for the trip home and bought both some Applepie Moonshine jelly and Spiced Pumpkin Butter.


Finally it was time to hit the road and get to a wedding! 

The wedding took place at my cousin’s property in their large yard. It was a big open space with sunshine and love in the air! 

Finally met up with my mom!


We said our hellos to everyone then signed the guest book, wrote a few date night ideas (homemade pizza, wine and board game nights are our faves!) and found our seats for the ceremony to start!

My cousin FliordaLisa being walked down the aisle by her father Manny, brother Johnny and 2 sons Chris and Sean.


The ” I do”s were said, everyone held their peace forever (mostly because my cousin and her now hubby pulled out handguns when the officiant asked if anyone opposed to the marriage- yes I’m serious.) extremely funny move and not surprising at all! 

Now it was time to party and celebrate the nuptials! 

Mr.Handsome fit right in by the pit as the pig roasted!


My Tio Manny and cousin Johnny (his son) doing the typical


Mr.Handsome throwing the football around… no way that’s weird.


Spanish music blaring and dancing into the night


Beautiful cake to resemble a tree trunk with the newly weds initials


Dinner was served: a whole mojo pork, cornhole champs continued to reign -thank you , thank you- and the wedding cake was smashed in faces. It was an amazing day. Congratulations to the Rogers!


The next morning was filled with a delicious southern breakfast and trail exploring at a local park.  

Olde house cafe breakfast


The trip was a success! A beautiful wedding, delicious food, local winery, and a local park adventure. We headed back to the great Sunshine state!  

In true sounthern charm- bless your heart!


Trucks. Big Tires. Mud. 

 All things synonymous with a great Friday night. Combine ingredients together- oh and add beer for a particularly good mix. 

You’re welcome. 

Look up!


One of our favorite things to do is show the Swedes a “good ole American time”.

This means we just do the regular things we normally do that we like, and get to see the pure joy in their Swedish eyes as we introduce them to new things! 

Like the Lakeland Mudhole.

Pure joy I tell you.

You find a spot to catch the action, open the cooler and start people…. I mean  truck watching. 


There are jacked up Fords, tricked out school buses and every type of 4wheeler imaginable. 


After the sun sets… the mud flies!


The guys enjoying the view together… how cute


The line up

My favorite part was Sofie wearing her pretty flip flops… to a mudding event.   

Watching her walk through sucking mud was pretty comical… she gave up and ended up barefoot. She fit right in.  

Being so close to the action is like front row at The Shamu show… splash zone!

Also great advice… don’t wear white to a mudding event. Seems like common sense… but then again I’m not Spacey Kasi for nothing!


Every girl wants to hear those 3 special words… lets go mudding”. 


When you get mud flung on you… you make it look good. 


There was mud, beer and laughs. Lots of mud. 

Til next time-  sweet wishes and muddy kisses 

Xoxo Spacey 

Orange you glad you went

Orange Theory is probably on of the most controversial gyms I have ever worked out at and have had so many people (voluntarily) give me their opinion on.

The best part? I freakin’ love the place!

Orange Theory gained its name from the process that your heart rate should stay in the “orange” range on the screens that monitor your heart’s bpm. You wear a monitor on you throughout the 1 hour workout and can track yourself throughout.

You start in the blue zone(barely alive haha), move to the green zone (brisk walk/light jog) and move into the orange zone (steady/ moderate jog) up to the red zone- full sprint! There are also terms like ” base pace, push and all out .

All outs were my least favorite.

So the basic idea is you have one hour and it is non stop. Non stop running, rows, burpees, crunches, squat jumps and sweating. It’s amazing.

One hour. That’s it, and someone just tells me what to do while 90s rap blasts in the background.

I love grabbing a quick meal from Fit Life foods after a workout, try their bars- pure heaven.
  Pre and post workout shakes are a must!

Not everyone likes these type of workouts- IE Mr. Handsome wasn’t a huge fan of this type of workout- he said it was too much cardio and not enough weights for his liking- for me it was perfect. I got the cardio, the free weights and many other types of exercises in.

Although the concept is simple- it works! Check it out!

Sweaty & Kick ass-y,


 We went to The Springs in the Summer!                                                                                        

Summers in Florida.

I LOVE summers in Florida.

Sunshine, warm breezes, cold drinks & long summer nights! Every and anything you can think of that you can do outside- that is summers in Florida.

My sweet man with the beast of a white truck planned the most amazing surprise trip! He packed everything and planned the entire weekend.

We headed out on the open road after work, and set up camp at Ichetucknee Springs State Park. We did a Spring in the Summer!

We got to the campsite just as the sun was setting so we set up our tent at our tucked away little campsite and got to the important tasks- dinner!

We stuffed our faces with burgers that night that we cooked on the grill and made a nice toasty bonfire and ate S’mores under the stars. We stayed up all night talking and enjoying the woods all to ourselves. Sitting by the fire at the picnic table with a cold beer and the local country radio station playing in the background mixed with the sound of the cicadas. One of the best nights I’ve had.

The next morning we slept in, made breakfast on the grill- eggs, hash browns & bacon- this man does not skimp!

The thing about Florida is we have awesome weather-basically all year round- but the summer is truly the best! Yes it is very hot- but if you’re a Floridian- you wouldn’t have it any other way. We had such beautiful weather that weekend!

Once breakfast was done and cleaned up we got ready to head to the springs! Ichetucknee camp site does not have Springs on site (Like some other Spring Camp sites- Like Ginnie Springs- another favorite of ours!) so you do have to drive a very short distance to the springs.

We started off at the Ichetucknee State Park at the first spring- Devil’s Eye!

A spring is any natural situation where water flows from an aquifer to the Earth‘s surface. It is a component of the hydrosphere.

This spring was beautiful! it was more circular and not too big – but was big enough for people to swim around. It had stone sides you could walk down and lived true to it’s name- springs are cold! When it is 95+ degrees out- cold water is a must! We swam and snorkeled the spring for about an hour before heading to the next spring: Blue Hole.

Can you guess? Yup- it was a big blue hole!

This spring was a little different as it was more of a spring in the middle of another body of water. From up on land you could tell the distinction the best- it was literally this light blue circle in this larger darker body of water! It went down pretty deep and snorkeling the top of the spring you just watched as everyone took turns holding their breath to see how far down they could go! Mr.Handsome dives and swims a lot- so of course he took on this challenge and was pretty impressive!

After all the spring exploration it was time to refuel! We headed back to our campsite for lunch: sandwiches, hummus, beer and fresh cut fruit. Perfect summer time staples.

Post lunch we headed back out- this time for some Tubing!

We headed back to the same park and filled up out River Rat Tube and hit the tubing trail. This park does not allow alcohol on the river (unlike some others- again like Ginnie Springs) so we had to get creative! The tube had a built in cooler that just so happened to be big enough for my large pink camo tervis tumbler that was filled with yummy Florida golden sunshine- aka an Arnold Palmer. It gets hot out there- gotta stay hydrated! I really think he enjoyed my special straw I brought along for the trip- it really brought the drinking experience to a whole other level. You’re welcome Mr.Handsome.

We finally drug the tube out of the water after a long day of water activities and headed back to the camp site to shower and make dinner- his specialty- bacon wrapped grouper kabobs. I promise you one thing- he knew the way to my heart was for sure through my tummy- the man could cook & made sure I was never hungry. Ladies, get yourself a man that can cook! So he made dinner and another camp fire and it was the end of another beautiful Florida day!

The next day was another morning of a delicious cooked breakfast on the grill and another day of tubing! We were leaving this day (all good things must come to an end- oh but why!?) so after breakfast we broke down the campsite and packed up the Beast for the ride home. We headed out to the same park to tube again- another beautiful day of weather and a relaxing tube down the river with our trusty pink tervis.

After tubing we started to head home with a pit stop in Mr.Handsome’s old home town- its named after a delicious condiment better known as MAYO. I know-it’s strange- but it has grown on me. It’s a teeny tiny town with one main road, a lot of fields, and not a whole lot more. We stopped at Fort White to get one more spring in- this was probably the coldest spring we went into and it was full of divers doing their dive class checkouts. It was super shallow and we got some pretty cool photos.

We were completely tuckered out after this spring and started the road trip back home.

It was after this trip- just the two of us spending a whole weekend all alone together ( I was personally terrified- what if we ran out of things to talk about?!) that I felt we really grew closer and realized how many common interests we shared. He had a way that made me feel like we had known each other our whole lives-it was effortless and oh so refreshing. He had planned the whole trip without any of my input -bold move mister- and it was the epitome of a perfect weekend in my eyes. He got me- and I was so dang happy about that. I knew I was so in trouble!

It was a weekend of  Water, woods & bonfires- a pretty successful camping weekend in Florida!

And that is the time we went to the Springs in the Summer!

Sticky S’more kisses,


See I told you!

 Summers in Florida are simply the best.

Bullets, beer & wings              

have not spilled my guts in way too long. Like way, way, way too long. Crazy how life can take over and do it’s own thang.

I have so much fun things to share that have happened over the last year or so.I just read through my posts from before and it was a fun jog down nostalgia lane. My my how time flies! 

I vow to continue my chronological order of events- so lots of catching up to do! Let’s go Space- get your tush in gear!

Bullets & Beer!

Littel girls are made of:Gun Powder& Lead

It doesn’t sound like a good combination but if you do it in that order and not at the same time it works out pretty well.

There’s a local shooting range called Shooters World [Tampa,Fl]that loves the ladies and every Monday we get to shoot for free. 

My Swedish BFF & I find this as a perfect excuse to get together after work and practice our aim. Our guys come along and bring their toys and everyone is happy!

We switch guns back and forth and practice on each others and shoot until we all run out of ammo. 

For anyone that has never held or shot a gun- I highly recommend it if it is something you have wanted to do. 

I have shot shotguns at a skeet range, in the woods and on farms. I have shot hand guns only in a range. It’s something I love. It’s fun practicing and I like feeling comfortable and not afraid and knowledgeable. 

I did take a class to receive my concealed license-something I also highly recommend. Even before that it is not something I went into blindly. It was always with others that owned and knew their weapons. 

This can be a very fun hobby but still always taken with great caution and respect. 

Enough seriousness- onto the good part!

Every Monday is Ladies Night at Shooters World AND it’s all you can eat wings & 2 4 1 beer at Gator’s Dockside! Doesn’t really get better than that! 

So shooting after work with friends and then stuff your face with friends- solid Monday evening. 

instagraming your food is essential

A Swede & a Puerto Rican walk into a gun range…

the guys showing us how it is done

The most handsome shooter I ever did see

 So if you’re looking to shake up your Monday evenings- here ya go! 

Fellas it’s also a GREAT date night! Mr.Handsome took me shooting on our second date- one for the books! 

See ya on the range-

Love, kisses, shoots & never misses, 


Family beach time

 Only family can love a face like this…

Good thing I have an amazing family that does! Good looking bunch too!   

My Aunt Maria wanted to celebrate her bday with her sisters! (4 out of 10 pictured!)

Ciani and Maria being silly sisters!

My mom is always the life of the life of the party…my cousin Tina (in green) can’t help but laughing at her Tia.


The younger ones showed them how it is done.
She will always be my rock, best friend, and rule enforcer!   

The day we got there it was a little overcast, and not the best weather but we made the best of it. We walked the beach, picking up shells, and of course a little yoga.

The beautiful birthday lady!   

I am always super uptight, and take life way too serious.

Post beach walk we decided to enjoy the sunset with some bubbly and present opening.   
Some days we do not want to get out of bed, or do our job, or even speak to another human being. We all have bad days, bad weeks, and feel like the world is falling down around us. I know… I feel this way on average about 3 times a week.

Yet, days like this remind me how blessed I am that I was able to wake up that morning, and live another day. I woke up in a comfortable bed, with a roof over my head. There was food in my fridge to eat, and my car turned on and drove me to work that morning. No we don’t always feel like working, but I am grateful for my education, my job opportunity, and that I get a pay check every two weeks.

I was fortunate enough that after work, I could drive to the beach and stay the weekend at a hotel and give my Aunt a wonderful birthday surprise.

Sometimes we just need a fresh breath of salty air, a glass of champagne, and day full of laughs to remind us of the pure simplicity in being happy and alive.
Sunsets on the beach are the best.   

My mini me.
Two is always better than one, yes?   

Next morning, we made breakfast and I got to enjoy my coffee looking at the ocean. Bliss.

Afterwards, mom and I went for a run while Tia Maria enjoyed sleeping in.   

Of course I had to throw in a little yoga, I mean lets be serious.

Then I worked on my tan lines and studied my Dive book! Ahhhh, the life of a mermaid.   

We headed home afterwards.

It was a fantastic weekend staycation. You can never go wrong at the beach.

Stay tuned, and pass it along.

Love, Peace, and mermaid kisses,